Your Turn-Key Full-Service Direct Mail Marketing Services Company

Summit Direct Mail specializes in the creation and production of response generating direct mail marketing promotions.

We create affordable direct mail marketing programs by combining direct mail production services, strategy, creative and mailing lists. Our newest innovation is the combination of Personalized URLs in direct mail. Personalized URLs drive traffic to your web site and have proven response rate increases of up to 30%. Our printing, mailing, lettershop, data processing and fulfillment services are competitively priced since our facility is fully paid for and carries no debt.

Summit Direct Mail has developed partnerships with direct mail strategists, copywriters, design and mailing list professionals to offer you full-service direct mail marketing resources with one unified team. Our team’s creativity and innovation with the latest ideas and technology have enabled us to lift response rates from 30% to 60% for our clients.

In the highly-competitive marketplace of the direct mail marketing industry, this turn-key approach creates a strong strategic advantage for you with a single source for your customized marketing programs.

A wide range of sophisticated machines are installed at Summit Direct Mail. This includes high-capacity multi-folders, ink jet personalization, electronic postal scales, and laser personalization machines. A USPS office is located on-site. Summit Direct Mail is prepared to work round the clock for its customers.

Personalized URLs, our latest innovation, allows you to combine the power of direct mail with the benefits of the internet. By creating Personalized URLs for each customer on their direct mail package, and giving each customer a unique online destination, you can convert more direct mail recipients into qualified prospects and lifetime customers.

We are located in Dallas, Texas, just 10 minutes from downtown Dallas and 30 minutes from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. We have become one of the largest marketing production facilities in the Southwest with a growing production capacity of 50 million pieces per month, 600 million per year. We have a management team that possesses over 100 years of experience in the marketing industry. We’re proud members of the Direct Marketing Association.

Summit Direct Mail

Your data work is processed on-site and we offer the full spectrum of data services such as:

  • NCOA link (in-house)
  • De-duping
  • Merge/Purge
  • Match and Implant
  • Nth Selecting
  • USPS Presort
  • Custom Programming
  • Custom Reports

We can accept your data files via:

  • E-mail
  • Send to our FTP site
  • Post on your FTP site

Your data processing and imaging will be produced in house and in compliance with USPS regulations. Your project will be produced by one or more of the following machines that fits you best.

  • Continuous form Simplex Laser Imaging – 300dpi resolution
  • Sheet-fed (Cut-sheet) Simplex/Duplex Laser Imaging – 600dpi resolution
  • Inkjet Imaging – 150dpi to 600dpi resolution

Review and approval of the first few pieces by you and production begins!

Our lettershop is one of the largest in the Southwest, consisting of approximately 75,000 square feet. We are located less than one mile from the Dallas BMC with a capacity of over 50 Million pieces per month. Our wide array of modern lettershop equipment allows you to economically produce a wide selection of direct mail pieces. Upon completion of production, your mail can be cleared on-site by a USPS clerk that offices in our building.

Warehouse. Your repetitive mailing projects can be stored in our fully racked warehouse at no charge. This will allow you to benefit from the cost savings of a longer press run(s) and allow you to get future mailings in the mail sooner than if the proof/print process needed to be repeated.

With On-site USPS mail clearing, your mail is expedited into the mailstream, accelerating your campaign’s success! This allows for trucking of mail around the country from our dock and potential postage savings for you.

With 2 HP Indigos (7600 & 7000) and 1 SCREEN Truepress Jet520ZZ we can handle all your variable digital printing needs!

HP Indigo 7000 & 7600

  • Printing speed up to 160 color pages per minute
  • 330 x 482 mm (13 x 19-in) maximum sheet size
  • Prints textured and raised special effects

SCREEN Truepress Jet520ZZ

  • 721.7' per minute (approximately 190,000 8 ½" x 11" color pages per hour)
  • Prints on rolls of uncoated or coated stock up to 20.4" wide
  • Ideal for large qty runs