Personalized URLs allows you to combine the power of direct mail with the benefits of the internet. By creating Personalized URLs for each customer, and giving each customer a unique online destination, you can convert more Direct Mail recipients into qualified prospects and lifetime customers.

Why are personalized URLs so effective? Placing a person’s name next to your company’s URL creates a trust-based connection. A company that goes to the effort to create a personalized web link that greets you by name makes it clear that they value the relationship.

Send recipients Direct Mail offers that feature Personalized URLs. We use your list to create a unique URL for each DM recipient, and then insert the Personalized URLs into the mail file for seamless integration into the printed collateral. The Personalized URL typically includes the customer’s name, producing a positive association and increased incentive to visit the site.

The respondent arrives at his or her customized landing page, which maintains the tone and design of your Direct Mail offering and features a personalized greeting and pre-populated fields that encourage immediate response. The user is able to learn more about your offer, request additional information by mail, respond to offers, or even make a purchase without ever leaving the page.


  • Real time automatic lead generation, distribution, track and reporting
  • Improved response rate and ROI on every campaign
  • Interactive capabilities of the internet
  • No postage on reply mail or redundant data entry
  • Better client profiling from response data for future target marketing
  • Quick and easy fulfillment with no time delays
  • Detail reporting of the effectiveness of each campaign results
  • Extend additional offers
  • Immediately follow up on sales leads