Mike Robinson

A 17 year veteran of the industry, Mike has been with Summit since its inception in 2003 and is responsible for new business development as well as heading up the Marketing Technology and Marketing Automation divisions for Summit Direct Mail. With his years of expertise and knowledge of the industry and processes, Mike has helped to redefine the use of Personalized URL’s in direct marketing in order to provide clients with true marketing automation. By integrating new technology such as variable color digital printing, utilizing the latest equipment such as Ink Jet Web, HP Indigo and other solutions, we are able to deliver a true return on investment for clients. In addition, he has also helped clients build custom database management platforms that allow rapid transfer of calls with data. Prior to joining Summit, he co-founded Performance Direct Marketing, a full-service agency specializing in providing performance based direct marketing solutions. His most recent project includes the incorporation of Marketing Automation, IP Targeting, and Personalized URL’s into a turnkey direct mail solution for our clients.