Personalized and Integrated Marketing Really Works!

The Internet is introducing new channels to allow integrated campaigns and collect more customer data, making campaigns more successful. The integrated marketing campaign starts with mail.

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), over 35% of people prefer to respond to direct mail by going online. Yet despite this powerful information, most direct mail campaigns do not direct prospects to respond by going online or even offer an online response as an option.

Motivate Prospects to Respond Online

Forward thinking marketers are now taking advantage of a new method of integrated marketing that marries traditional direct mail to interactive online actions. Some are taking that approach a step further by utilizing a unique strategy of personalizing direct mail pieces to prospects and providing incentives that motivate logins to a Personal URL. Personalized URLs allows you to combine the power of direct mail with the benefits of the internet. By creating Personalized URLs for each customer, and giving each customer a unique online destination, you can convert more Direct Mail recipients into qualified prospects and lifetime customers. Marketing campaigns combining a direct mail offer that directs recipients to their own personalized URL have proven to give a huge competitive edge to marketers adopting this strategy

Below are 3 case studies from 2003 where prospects were contacted by a personalized piece of direct mail. Each prospect was asked to respond by going to a personalized website.

Case Studies

Personalized direct mail and website programs provide the best response rates.

  1. 1
    Pitney Bowes
  2. 2
    9.8% Email Response Rate

    Email – PURL Case Study – Acquisition Program


    A branch of the military recently conducted a Personalized URL email program targeting the recruitment of new members. The goal was for prospective new recruits to go to their PURL and fill a Recruiter Meeting Request form and submit. Once submitted, recruiters would receive an instant notification and follow up with the prospective recruits within 24 to 48 hours.

    A unique domain was secured for the campaign. The PURL was customized in keeping with the look and feel of the email.

    Pre-populated data was added to the landing page as a 1-to-1 marketing tool. The PURL was positioned strategically in the email to encourage online response.

    The campaign experienced a 9.8% email response rate and had a 51% landing page conversion rate. As of the case study date, the campaign has showed an overall conversion rate of 5%.

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    5X Response Lift

    Email Campaign – PURL Case Study – Lapsed Members Non Profit

    Email Details – Non Profit – Association Membership Renewal

    1. Email blast on Tuesday, July 29, sent to 6,553 email addresses for association members who expired between April, May or June of haven’t renewed. 2. Email sent by Summit Direct Mail. Included variable data in the email along with a personalized URL landing page. 3. PURL hand a continue button which linked to a promotional membership application. 4. Reminder email sent to 4700 people who had not opened email on Friday, August 1. 5. Promotion runs from Tuesday, July 29 – Friday, August 1, end of day.

    Final Results:

    • Total e-mails sent: 6,553 • Total e-mails received: 5512 (number sent minus bounce backs) • Total percentage successful emails: 84% • Total successful renewals: 125 (as of end of day 8/4), 147 total (6 via phone and 16 after promo ended).

    Email Blast Renewal Rate with PURL: 2.7% Total


    The email campaign

    A control email was sent to the exact same audience. The control email received a .4% response rate. Ultimately, the PURL campaign showed an increase response that was 5X greater than the control.

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